Outdoor Patio

What About My Outdoor Patio?

Q: What about my outdoor patio? How does this work with Feng Shui? A: The patio is an extension of your house. So, if this area is attached to the main house, it is often a bonus for that particular life area. The same rules apply: buy quality items, keep it…


Ask Kathryn: Flow in the Living Room

Q: I’ve just given my daughter two chairs from our living room. This room has always felt crowded and now it still doesn’t work. Where do I start? Is there a formula for arranging a living room? A: The starting point is; what is the room used for? Depending on the…


K and S trying new things!

Laughing Yoga

  My husband and I recently attended a Laughing Yoga Workshop. The question: “What is Laughing Yoga?” was still in our minds as we walked into the room. It turns out that ‘laughing’, itself, can be classified as ‘cardio exercise’; as you use your diaphragm and lungs to the fullest when…


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Water has it’s own Healing Qualities

Water has it’s own Healing Qualities Water is a formless substance that contains endless possibilities. It is the residence of emotions, intuition and inspiration. Or, it can be a symbol for birth, death and creativity. Yin and yang extremes are easy to explain when referring to water. Water in an aggressive…