In this home, we turned the bookcase into a room divider. The whole office doesn't have to be 'filed away'  when over night guests visit.

Someone Sleeping…in my Office?

  Someone sleeping …in my Office? There seems to be a problem in many homes: one room short! Many families are trying to accommodate a guest room, TV room, and a home office all in one space. A large percentage of families are spread out as jobs and opportunities send them…


With the frame completed, we could clear out most of the dust.

Knowledge Knows Feng Shui

Knowledge is information, awareness and understanding. Without any attention in this area of your home or office, you may be prone to indecision, bad decisions or even fatal decisions. Knowledge and ‘self-development’ is often paired with Relationships and/or Health in order to find a balance in a familiar working relationship. It…


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Ask Kathryn: Choosing Wallpaper and Decor

  Ask Kathryn: Q: I heard you did a fabulous Wallpaper demonstration last fall. I’m sorry I missed it. Will you be doing another one? I’ve read instructions on how to do it but I’m scared to get started. I know feng shui like nice clean lines so I’m also wondering…