Ask Kathryn: About Home Break-ins.

Ask Kathryn: About Home Break-ins. Q: Our house was broken into over Xmas. The culprits came in through the dinette window in the kitchen and took our laptops and tablets. The thieves were not smart enough to take the chargers for these devices, so, is this unfinished business? The window has…


Kathryn listens intently to the feng shui lecture at the Blue Mansion courtyard.

Busted in Malaysia!

Busted in Malaysia! Yep, I tripped my very first day in Malaysia! I caught my sandal in the crack between the stairs and the wheelchair/suitcase ramp. So, thankfully, Malaysia has a state-of-the-art International Hospital and I was given a complete tour of ER, X-ray, orthopedic and then physical therapy to pick…


The Blue Mansion in Malaysia

The Feng Shui Blue Mansion

The Feng Shui Blue Mansion I found a tour of an interesting property in Georgetown Malaysia, while on holiday. This amazing mansion built in the 1860’s for the Cheong Fatt Tze Legacy, had been sold in a dilapidated state in 1990, when the youngest son passed away. Winner of the ‘Most…