Wearing Feng Shui and Fashion

What makes you different than everyone else? Is it a ‘feel’? Or, a purpose? How does one figure out their style? We can certainly view the latest ‘trends’ in the magazines or on line, but what if something feels off? There are so many conflicting ideas out there. Do you really NEED…


Fire People

Fame & Reputation: Time to Stand Up and Be Recognized

The word ‘fame’ brings up all kinds of mixed messages: being a good-guy or a bad-guy, scoring the winning point in a competition, or even doing something crazy! So, what does this have to do with me? Fame; definition: ‘being recognized’ for something. The stereotype for ‘fame’ always seems to follow…


super star inside

Restore the ‘Super Star’ Inside!

I’m just like you, dear reader. I try to lead a life of a ‘responsible citizen’; I pay taxes, support local industries and recycle. I walk a clean path and try not to judge others. And yet, I feel really ‘ticked off’ dealing with construction and bad weather for months and…


You already know these Three Secrets...

ASK KATHRYN about The Three Secrets

Ask Kathryn about the Three Secrets Q: I’ve heard there is specific language to use in the blessings of Feng Shui cures. I’ve heard of the 3 secrets. Is that like a prayer or a spell of sorts? Do I need to learn this to feng shui my apartment? I really…


We can get side-tracked with our 'to do list', and forget how to relax!

D-Stress Naturally with Feng Shui

Are you seething at the first traffic light? Trying to figure out how to cope with issues at work? Or, feeling guilty; thinking you should be doing something else with your life? With our crazy insane pace we have right now on the planet, we are not paying attention to stress-triggers.…


Surround yourself with only the items that can support you and your cause.


Did I read this right? Embrace your chaos? Absolutely! In order for you to try and maintain order in your life, you do need to identify what is going on during your day. 1. Side-tracked? Are you spending too much time ‘doing stuff’ and not completing anything? Are you driving these…


Bella & Quinn. Making new friends is important for all family members,

Take Me Back To…Normal.

Change; it is inevitable. Coming out of hibernation each year is a BIG DEAL! All of a sudden, one day you’ll be tired of wearing the same clothes all winter and look forward to a change. With daylight savings time, there is energy for a walk after dinner. These are all…


Keep moving! This is the best way to learn, to grow and be connected.

Ask Kathryn About Moving Forwards

Q: Kathryn, I’ve noticed that whenever I ask a feng shui question, the answer begins with ‘that depends’. What is it with the vagueness of this venue that I can’t get a straight answer about how to set up my room and get ahead in life? ~Marie A: Good question, Marie.…