We can get side-tracked with our 'to do list', and forget how to relax!

D-Stress Naturally with Feng Shui

Are you seething at the first traffic light? Trying to figure out how to cope with issues at work? Or, feeling guilty; thinking you should be doing something else with your life? With our crazy insane pace we have right now on the planet, we are not paying attention to stress-triggers.…



Guest, Sherry Brantley: LET’S GO FOR YOUR GOALS!

ABOUT the AUTHOR: Sherry Brantley is a Certifed Life Coach. Author, dynamic leader and trainer specializing in the areas of ‘Goal-Setting, and Goal Getting!, an Expert and Co-Author in The Change: Insights To Self Empowerment Book Series where (his/her) chapter focuses on S.T.E.P.P. Start to Exercise Personal Power. LET’S GO FOR…


Frustrated working on a computer all day?

Ask Kathryn about Computer Stress

Q: Kathryn, I’m an entrepreneur who quit my boring job in the corporate world only 10 months ago. The issues I’m having with technology, passwords, updates, viruses and social media take up all day! I don’t have an IT GUY at home to help. I’m thinking of punching out my PC…


27 Practical Steps to Business Success

27 Practical Steps to Business Success

  This is the LAST DAY to get YOUR FREE COPY!  Are you too busy to sit down and read a whole book? Business issues rattling around in your head? This could be the best advice for YOU! This booklet is intended for busy entrepreneurs who find it hard to sit down and…


I moved a small fountain into my front garden and the chickadee’s lined up for a drink!

Animal and Plants can BOOST Your Wealth Area

Much of the Wealth Area focus has been indoors; regarding your desk, chair and assorted items related to monetary goals and fame. You may be failing to include a bigger picture…. your property outside. This spring may be the time to give a boost to this area – and get it…


Having a desk and chair carefully selected for YOU, can help productivity!

Fitting In to a New Promotion

  Finding the right fit for a new job can have its upsets. Were you hired to ‘make change’ or hired to replace someone who has moved on? Or, both? Setting up a new office with the proper things to support your position includes selecting a chair and desk that is…


Carrying a visual reminder can help you focus during the day.

The Miniature Vision Board

Looking for motivation from the same desk, day after day? Does the objective of the task ever get lost? Our lives are full of ‘to-do lists’, reminders or open folders; and many of us invite distractions regularly into our day. Many professionals need a reminder or something visual to help keep…


Can You 'Think' and Grow Rich?

Can You REALLY Think and Grow Rich?

I tried this in the 70 and 80’s. The motive: if I really, really thought about being rich, would I actually become rich? Well, it was worth a try! Another mantra that was popular back then: “If you think like a millionaire and act like a millionaire, then eventually, you will…


Replace a nuisance door with a custom slider!

Arguing Doors

  The beauty of a home with an Open Concept gives the illusion that everything in the main living area is out in the open, and the energy flows marvellously. It is a disappointment when the rest of the house doesn’t flow the same way. When a closet door opens and…



Change Series Book 9

Many of your already know about the Change Book Series that is marching across the globe!  This is the fastest growing personal growth organization in the world! There are now 10 books featuring 200 authors in 20 countries! I am in Book 9! The number is a lucky number in feng shui and also…