Water is represented with using tumbled stones in a walkway.

Create a Water Feature, Without Water!

Create a Water Feature without Water! Many of my clients look at me sideways when I suggest a water feature; my own husband included. (But, he is coming around slowly.) The ‘representation’ of water in feng shui is related to Career, your Life Path and also helps with Wealth and Family…


A cold, crispy day in January.

Shake Out The Blahs…

The month of January is one of the darkest months; And, usually, there isn’t anything special going on. However, this year Chinese New Year will be celebrated over the next two weeks beginning Jan 28, 2017! (You get a second chance to make resolutions!) Yep… the January blahs can set in.…


A fireplace brings people together.

Reconnect With Fire

Nothing beats the warm cosiness of a fireplace. Why are we so fascinated with campfires, barbeques, and fireworks; so much that we wish to bring fire into our homes? Fire and fireplaces have been part of our lives as long as man has been cooking their own food. In the past,…



Guest, Sherry Brantley: LET’S GO FOR YOUR GOALS!

ABOUT the AUTHOR: Sherry Brantley is a Certifed Life Coach. Author, dynamic leader and trainer specializing in the areas of ‘Goal-Setting, and Goal Getting!, an Expert and Co-Author in The Change: Insights To Self Empowerment Book Series where (his/her) chapter focuses on S.T.E.P.P. Start to Exercise Personal Power. LET’S GO FOR…


Corrections for bed placements: The lower right image corrected with a crystal; but still not the best place to sleep.

Ask Kathryn About Bed Placement

Q: Hi Kathryn, Feng shui is supposed to help with a good nights sleep. Which is the best direction to face the bed? Thanks. A: This is a great question! I haven’t addressed this issue with my newsletter followers, as I’ve been focusing on business. YET, we all do need a…


Frustrated working on a computer all day?

Ask Kathryn about Computer Stress

Q: Kathryn, I’m an entrepreneur who quit my boring job in the corporate world only 10 months ago. The issues I’m having with technology, passwords, updates, viruses and social media take up all day! I don’t have an IT GUY at home to help. I’m thinking of punching out my PC…


I moved a small fountain into my front garden and the chickadee’s lined up for a drink!

Animal and Plants can BOOST Your Wealth Area

Much of the Wealth Area focus has been indoors; regarding your desk, chair and assorted items related to monetary goals and fame. You may be failing to include a bigger picture…. your property outside. This spring may be the time to give a boost to this area – and get it…


Carrying a visual reminder can help you focus during the day.

The Miniature Vision Board

Looking for motivation from the same desk, day after day? Does the objective of the task ever get lost? Our lives are full of ‘to-do lists’, reminders or open folders; and many of us invite distractions regularly into our day. Many professionals need a reminder or something visual to help keep…


Can You 'Think' and Grow Rich?

Can You REALLY Think and Grow Rich?

I tried this in the 70 and 80’s. The motive: if I really, really thought about being rich, would I actually become rich? Well, it was worth a try! Another mantra that was popular back then: “If you think like a millionaire and act like a millionaire, then eventually, you will…