Water is represented with using tumbled stones in a walkway.

Create a Water Feature, Without Water!

Create a Water Feature without Water! Many of my clients look at me sideways when I suggest a water feature; my own husband included. (But, he is coming around slowly.) The ‘representation’ of water in feng shui is related to Career, your Life Path and also helps with Wealth and Family…


Collecting local crafts while travelling is always fun, but be aware of the energy coming back into your house.

Ask Kathryn About African Art

Q: Kathryn, I’m getting ready to move and clearing out a few things. I came across a box of souvenirs we picked up from our trip to Africa years past and I don’t know if they are good for feng shui or not. I have a couple of masks, some animal…


A fireplace brings people together.

Reconnect With Fire

Nothing beats the warm cosiness of a fireplace. Why are we so fascinated with campfires, barbeques, and fireworks; so much that we wish to bring fire into our homes? Fire and fireplaces have been part of our lives as long as man has been cooking their own food. In the past,…



Guest, Sherry Brantley: LET’S GO FOR YOUR GOALS!

ABOUT the AUTHOR: Sherry Brantley is a Certifed Life Coach. Author, dynamic leader and trainer specializing in the areas of ‘Goal-Setting, and Goal Getting!, an Expert and Co-Author in The Change: Insights To Self Empowerment Book Series where (his/her) chapter focuses on S.T.E.P.P. Start to Exercise Personal Power. LET’S GO FOR…


Corrections for bed placements: The lower right image corrected with a crystal; but still not the best place to sleep.

Ask Kathryn About Bed Placement

Q: Hi Kathryn, Feng shui is supposed to help with a good nights sleep. Which is the best direction to face the bed? Thanks. A: This is a great question! I haven’t addressed this issue with my newsletter followers, as I’ve been focusing on business. YET, we all do need a…


Kathryn Wilking can give you Practical Solutions to Change Your Luck!

**NEW Talk**: Changing Your Luck with Feng Shui

  ‘Changing Your Luck with Feng Shui’ Tuesday August 9th, 2016 7:00- 8:30pm Join me and our Hosts: RESA (Real Estate Staging Assoc.) for a lively chat about how Feng Shui can Change Your Luck in both your home and business relations. All Welcome! See you there! Address; 20338 65 Avenue,…


Buried at work? Clutter grows on your desk and inside your in-box!

Piles and Piles of FILES! (Oh My!)

I thought we were headed towards becoming a paperless society…but…OMG! What is a person supposed to do with it all the ‘paperwork’ that turns into clutter? There are people that pile, and people that file. Which one are you?? Paper clutter is one of the biggest irritants in business. It’s not…


Wrap your pillows with the scarves you bought on holidays;  you can enjoy the memories again!

Decorating On A Dime?

  Can you still do this? Decorate on a dime? Well, as a Home Stager and Feng Shui Consultant, I do my best to save people money. I done my share of dressing windows, trade show booths and ‘creating illusions’ with many of my vignettes, and I’ve got a few tricks…


27 Practical Steps to Business Success

27 Practical Steps to Business Success

  This is the LAST DAY to get YOUR FREE COPY!  Are you too busy to sit down and read a whole book? Business issues rattling around in your head? This could be the best advice for YOU! This booklet is intended for busy entrepreneurs who find it hard to sit down and…


Carrying a visual reminder can help you focus during the day.

The Miniature Vision Board

Looking for motivation from the same desk, day after day? Does the objective of the task ever get lost? Our lives are full of ‘to-do lists’, reminders or open folders; and many of us invite distractions regularly into our day. Many professionals need a reminder or something visual to help keep…